Our social responsibility with
Chibodia e.V. - Friends for Children in Cambodia e.V.

We accept our social responsibility and are closely cooperating with organisations devoted to the education and social justice of, particularly, adolescents and children. Our main focus has, until recently, been on the acknowledged organisation of Banyan Tree e.V. which, since 2008, has successfully realised aid projects in Cambodia. The focus of the organisation has clearly been the support of children and their education – of those who would otherwise be helpless. At the end of December 2017, the organisation, together with its complete assets, has been transferred to the benefit society Chibodia that we, as innomedis, will continue to assist in the upcoming future.

Selected projects by Banyan Tree e.V.

Cooking on the landfill

A bit outside, on the landfill of Batttambang, the poorness and underdevelopment of Cambodia shows its shocking reality. The Society supports the organization COMPED which has built up and operates the Social waste center Batttambang (SAB). It serves as a social address for the garbage collectors and their children. Twice a month, together with the holders of the Scholarship Program, we cook on the landfill to bring some kind of normality to those people living in this hostile environment every day.

Family Care Project

The project Family Cambodian Active Rural Engagement (CARE) supports poor families in the rural areas of Cambodia. Through individual and sustainable support through livestock, seeds, equipment for agriculture and marketing-related trainings, the Society creates a material and social basis for existence to the concerned families. Even the youngest family members benefit from this aid, because we support their school visits as well.

Scholarship Program

Only a few young adults from the rural areas in Cambodia have access to school education. Since their families lack the money to pay for a school education, studying is almost impossible. The Banyan Tree Society e.V. aims at offering new opportunities to those children. With our Scholarship Program, the Society supports gifted and highly motivated, but socially disadvantaged, young adults by enabling them to live in a free dorm and assuming the main costs, like study fees and meal expenses.

Doing good things feels good –
so join us in our mission!

All donations to Chibodia e.V. will be transferred directly to Cambodia and go straight towards those projects. Every donation counts, because even small donations can move mountains!

Just as with innomedis AG, Chibodia e.V.´s credo is transparency.