Eye drops

ocuvers drops Relief

Biocompatible eye drops with 0.21% sodium hyaluronate

ocuvers drops Relief have a lubricating effect and are particularly recommended to relieve symptoms of dry, tired, irritated or stressed eyes.

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ocuvers drops B5

Eye drops with provitamin B5 and 2% dexpanthenol.

Lubricating nutrient solution for stressed eyes. Provitamin B5 stimulates and supports the regenerating qualities of the cornea. At the same time, the product protects the eye from dryness, irritations and fatigue. Suitable for all contact lens users.

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ocuvers drops Gel

Eye drops with 0,3% hyaluronic acid for dry or irritated eyes.

ocuvers drops Gel are lubricating eye drops for moistening, soothing and nurturing dry eyes. The patented one-drop-system allows an easy and safety handling which will lead to a high compliance.

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