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As an ophthalmologic specialist, innomedis offers products and services in 3 different business fields: medical care, medical marketing and managed care. Thanks to our broad service that ranges from therapy management and support in marketing to tailor-made products, all of our clients can profit from our expertise.

Managed Care

We define managed care as the establishment of efficient and structured health care processes in the preventive and curative medical area.

Our goal is a higher quality of health care and service by involving all protagonists (doctors, pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry) and by applying state-of-the-art management principles and monitoring instruments. We have developed managed care programs based on the results of current scientific research. Not only do we take into account most recent learnings from compliance research, but also other approaches from behavioural science.

In accordance with our philosophy of an "empowered patient", the patient is always the focus of interest. This is to ensure that the patient is aware of the program and actively participates in it. Moreover, the program is designed in a way to make the patients´ actions measurable. This enables us to quantify and document the success of the program.

Medical Care

Within our pharmaceutical division, we develop and distribute non-prescriptive medical products in line with evidence-based therapies or innovative forms of treatment.

We do not spend excessive amounts on marketing or sales activities. Thus, we are able to offer you all products at competitive prices - partly by direct marketing or through medical facilities or institutes. Consequently, we can offer an efficient and cost optimized supply of health care products and services.

Our daily activities in all business areas are done with accuracy and based on scientific insights. We pay special attention on current research results in all relevant health care areas. Moreover, those results are the basis for our products, so that we can offer our clients and business partners the highest possible quality.

Medical Marketing

Our Medical Marketing division covers agency services for the health care sector. Efficiently managed and optimized marketing customized for the target group.

Our marketing team provides print, internet or mobile web (health apps) solutions. These include information pamphlets for patients in medical practices, all relevant documents for our managed care programs, individual databases or applications for smartphones. Our expertise mainly lies in researching, conceptualizing and visualizing all relevant areas of interest in the health care sector. This enables us to reach our target groups precisely.


Our products - brand products and private labels - have been successful on an international level as well. You can purchase them mainly in countries of the European Union, in Switzerland and the Middle East.

Are you looking for innovative medical products for your country?

Have you built up relationships with a specific market, but are lacking products and a partner?

Would you like to add one of our products to your product portfolio?

You are perfectly familiar with the health care sector of your country and are confident to operate as a distributor on our behalf?

We continually strive to conquer new markets and develop tailor-made solutions and products for the export market. We will also be happy to assist you in creating the right product costumized for your target market. You might also want to contact us if you think a certain innovative product might be suitable for the German market.


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